Arc Innovations was started by founders Louis and Matt while riding the chairlift at Squaw. Louis told Matt a story about a recent ski outing where he noticed his friend struggling to light his pipe outdoors.

Bumbling with his backpack, hastily trying to pack a bowl – wind blowing, gloves flailing – he finally grabs his lighter and… no luck.

The wind was just too strong, he couldn’t get it lit.

Being engineers, Louis and Matt set out to solve the problem so many of us have encountered. No sooner than that afternoon back at the Ski condo they had modeled up the first version of ARC. ARC is the ultimate pipe, allowing you to smoke on the go in virtually any situation, no lighter required. No more bumbling on the side of a mountain, no more worrying about which way the wind is blowing, no more scrubbing messy bowls.

Just pull it out, press the button, and enjoy the smoking you know and love.


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