ARC 1.0

$199.00 $159.00

ARC 1.0

$199.00 $159.00

EARLY ORDER 20% DISCOUNT: ARC is in production and will ship on October 30th via UPS to your address. Early-Order Discounts end on August 30th. 

This is the ARC 1.0 the first portable device for people who prefer real smoke to vapor. All ARC products are hand assembled and tested in Denver, Colorado to ensure the highest quality possible.

Whats in the Box?


ARC generates a high voltage electronic pulse. The hit is immediate and the on-board computer will control the ignition sequence. 

The Onboard computer will automatically cycle the igniter on and off. However it is recommended that you release the button once you start your hit to allow the flower to ember. 

Arc’s smoking internals are made from industrial grade ceramic heat treated to 2400 deg F and medical grade stainless steel. The body and shell are high strength heat resistant composite materials.

ARC does not get hot like many vaporizers. The cartridge will be warm immediately after a smoking session but will cool rapidly. The device its self will not get hot. 

A blue light will appear on the surface when the ignitor is engaged. It will continue to pulse for 10 seconds after which time a Safety mechanism will engage requiring you to repress the button.

ARC is designed to stop the combustion process as soon as you stop inhaling and remove your finger from the igniter. Cutting down on waste. ARC does not overburn your bowl. 

For best results we recommend a medium to fine grind on all contents. This helps the contents burn evenly. 

No ARC devices are designed exclusively for flower. Using concentrates will void your warranty. 



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