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A first of it's kind, ARC implements our patented electronic arc ignition system. Allowing you to enjoy smoking in the wind, rain, sand, or surf – no lighter required.

Key Features

  • Instant electronic ignition
  • Interchangeable Arc Pod technology
  • 30+ sessions per charge
  • Removable Stainless Steel smoke pathway
  • USB micro charging port
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty

Kit Includes: 1 ARC [pipe], 6 pack of Arc Pods, USB micro charging cable, ARC accessory kit

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Sierra GoldSierra Gold
Slate BlackSlate Black
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Tech Specs

Consumption Type Smoking
Heat Time 0 seconds (instant)
Sessions per charge 30+
Pod Size ~0.2 - 0.3 grams
Cleaning Time ~15 seconds
Charger Standard USB Micro
Colors Sierra Gold, Slate Black
Dimensions 4.65" L, 1.83" W, 0.79" H

* final production specifications may vary